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What is Medication Adherence and Why is it Important ?

Medication adherence refers to patients taking their medications as directed by their healthcare provider. To be adherent a patient must take the proper, prescribed dose at the time of day and frequency designated by their provider. Being adherent is an important part of the treatment process and can even have a direct impact on patient outcomes. Taking medications as prescribed is weatherimperative not only to obtaining the desired outcomes from treatment, but to maintaining overall long-term health and well-being.

What Is Medication Non-Adherence and What Causes It?

Medication non-adherence is when a patient does not take their medications as prescribed. Patients can become non-adherent to their medication for behavioral, financial, or clinical reasons. Behavioral reasons impacting non-adherence include delaying to take the medication or forgetting doses altogether. Financial reasons for non-adherence are related to the medication’s cost. Often, the medication becomes too costly for a patient to afford and they choose not to take it as prescribed. Clinical concerns include the medication’s side effects or feeling that the medication is not working as it should. Patients may also stop taking a medication before their treatment is complete because they are feeling better and are no longer exhibiting the symptoms that they were being treated for.

How Can Noble Health Services Help With Medication Adherence?

  • Clinical Managment Programs
    clinical managementNoble Health Services has a knowledgeable, dedicated clinical team responsible for administering our state-of-the-art clinical management programs.
    Most patients are automatically enrolled in the clinical management program for their condition when their prescription is sent to Noble. Throughout their treatment, patients will receive ongoing monitoring for adherence as well as the safety and efficacy of their prescribed medication. Noble’s clinical pharmacists work with patients and their providers to help them understand their treatment and its actual and intended results.
  • Automated Refill Reminders
    To further promote medication adherence, Noble Health Services offers patients automated refill reminders so that they do not have to remember to refill their prescriptions. Based on the patient’s preference, our care team will text or call the patient to set up their prescription delivery and take payment when their refill is due.
  • Copay and Benefits Assistance
    Specialty medications used to manage complex and chronic conditions may cost more than a typical prescription. To ease the financial burden, Noble Health Services offers copay and benefits assistance. Through the help of copay/patient assistance programs and charity organizations, our team can lower the out-of-pocket price for the patient.
  • Powerful, Patient-Focused Care
    Additionally, Noble Health Services offers patients the following benefits to assist with managing their condition:
    • Fast, Free Delivery 
    • Free Ancillary Supplies
    • 24/7/365 Availability
    • And More

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